Monday, July 03, 2006

Warm Weather?

Oh my goodness!

I can't believe my ears, it was 31 degrees yesterday. It was sweltering outside. Now you are all going to laugh when I tell you it was only 88 degrees F. Yah, not that bad, only that is the warmest day we have had here in England. They actually put out heat wave warnings for London who got up in the 34 degrees area. It is normally a cool yet warm 70 degrees F here. I have gotten used to this temp and so I was with everyone else roasting yesterday. This would not be so bad but since they don't get this type of weather that often, homes are generally not equiped with air conditioners and many don't have fans.
Yesterday was busy for me anyways. I did Jr. Church then ran (literally) to the Fun Run about a mile away. I was going to be late anyways since Jr. Church ended at 12:00 and practice for salsa began at 11:45. This Fun Run was going to be a good event! I have been taking salsacize classes for the past month and a half and today was our first preformance! We were all so excited! We all had a great time. We did our 9 min dance and then we got ready.
We got our numbers on and headed towards the massive line. There was about 400-450 people, that is amazing and will do wonders for the Healthy Living group who are putting this on. They are a wonderful organization and with all the proceeds and sponsorship money I hope they are able to do more for the communities.
It was such a hot day out that most people walked quite a bit, including me. Although it also had to do that I was chatting with my friends Julie and Debbie. It was a good day out though.

Hope the weather is tolerable in your neck of the woods.




I thought I would update you all on where I was about a month ago. Ireland! It was totally fun and I love their accent, cute.
A friend and I flew from Manchester to Dublin for a few days then took the bus up to Belfast for 2 days then went back to Dublin. We were there for a night then we flew to Cardiff Wales. We had a great time and saw tons. We were on our feet all day and into the night.
The hostels we stayed in were fun and there was something totally hilarious about the last hostel. It was a mixed dorm style room, man can some of those men snore but Kate's solution was a bit hostile but it was affective and made the nosy boy stay away by fear of being hit again on the head with the girl sleeping on the next bed's pillow. I have to admit I and the rest of the room were pretty happy when the noise stopped.
The food was good, the people were super friendly and helpful, and the city was pretty impressive. One side note though. If anyone does go to Ireland, try to get up to the Giant's Causway way up north, I hear it is really a spectacular sight!
May the splinters be pointing the direction you are sliding on the banister of life! (May the luck of the Irish be with you!)


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Long time no entry!

Hi all,

Sorry for not keeping this blog recent, opps.
Well today was a regular day. Went to Mums and Tots and then to the Lower school where Alison and I provided supervision support for the Connect 4 tournament. Oh my the tension was high there. Nah, it was pretty easy, just make sure they play nice.

Well I better get going, I have to walk home in the rain again. Thank goodness I remembered my rain jacket and umbrella! You never know how long it will last.

Ta Ta,


Sunday, February 19, 2006

My Brother's Engaged!

Hi everyone. I am pretty happy. On Thursday the 16th of February my brother Jon proposed to his girlfriend Amanda. Ah, so sweet. I can't believe I might have a sister-in-law now. They have been dating for 3 years and he proposed on their 3 year anniversary.
I wish you both well and many happy memories to come.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Today at the Welcome I led the Come as you are course. There was a good group there today and all responded very well. The topic: The resurrection of Jesus. The group lasted for 1 hour and 45 min (usual) and we covered the Gospel of Luke and Jonh's accounts of the resurrection. Thinking of what it might have felt to be there seeing it all take place - how sad and hopeless. Then to experiance Jesus alive again. WOW! We can only imagine today how they must have felt.
In the afternoon we put together a new pool table for the Welcome.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Loving Life

Ah, back to work after Christmas and New Years! I had the week in between off and the week after. It was a nice break. The second week I went down to London to visit Kate and we saw the sights. It was a great time. Being back to work today feels good though. What I am here for! Life feels good with a purpose!

Monday, September 26, 2005

Giggles on Monday???

Good Afternoon all,

Today is a good day. I am happily giggling with Alison in the Church office. No worries we are getting our work done but in a light hearted fashion.
All is going well today, we went to the Upper school and were there for the students at Lunch time. We also started a new book called the Purpose Driven Life in our House Group (circle). We did the first one today and it was pretty good. It is all about giving your life to God and no living for your concerns or ideas but for what God wants you to do. This is what I am here for so it makes sense to me.
If anyone has read the book or has any ideas about it let me know.

Tonight I have a young persons meeting to go to at 7:30. I am sure it will be good.

Ta ta for now.


Wednesday, September 21, 2005

September 21 2005

Today I got to work with the Mums and Tots group and the Pre school here at Knutsford Methodist Church. I had a great time with the little ones.
One little girl seemed to make me her friend. Her name is Eve. I have been told it is unusuall for her to do that since the past few weeks she has been stuggling to make friends. I am glad I was there to help out.