Monday, July 03, 2006

Warm Weather?

Oh my goodness!

I can't believe my ears, it was 31 degrees yesterday. It was sweltering outside. Now you are all going to laugh when I tell you it was only 88 degrees F. Yah, not that bad, only that is the warmest day we have had here in England. They actually put out heat wave warnings for London who got up in the 34 degrees area. It is normally a cool yet warm 70 degrees F here. I have gotten used to this temp and so I was with everyone else roasting yesterday. This would not be so bad but since they don't get this type of weather that often, homes are generally not equiped with air conditioners and many don't have fans.
Yesterday was busy for me anyways. I did Jr. Church then ran (literally) to the Fun Run about a mile away. I was going to be late anyways since Jr. Church ended at 12:00 and practice for salsa began at 11:45. This Fun Run was going to be a good event! I have been taking salsacize classes for the past month and a half and today was our first preformance! We were all so excited! We all had a great time. We did our 9 min dance and then we got ready.
We got our numbers on and headed towards the massive line. There was about 400-450 people, that is amazing and will do wonders for the Healthy Living group who are putting this on. They are a wonderful organization and with all the proceeds and sponsorship money I hope they are able to do more for the communities.
It was such a hot day out that most people walked quite a bit, including me. Although it also had to do that I was chatting with my friends Julie and Debbie. It was a good day out though.

Hope the weather is tolerable in your neck of the woods.



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